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The Future

We are very proud of our local heritage and we are looking forward to becoming a major presence amongst the local community, engaging in local activities as well as become a visible presence within the Town.  Our mission is to become the no.1 recommended independent agent within Great Notley and Braintree and to achieve this we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction to our existing clients, in order to earn an excellent reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy business to deal with over the coming years.


We aim to offer monthly free to attend seminars for home buyers, landlords, and tenants alike to give free professional advice to local residents and investors, and provide an opportunity for you to ask any technical questions that you may need answering by a qualified property expert.


Currently with one branch located within Braintree, we hope to expand by opening a second branch in the not too distant future.  After all, everyone deserves to have access to the very best service available!